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    All my posts before have consisted of my own attempts at inspiration that a coach gives losing into the half and, yes I'll admit, happy-go-lucky comments. Some of you call them stupid, but I gave them for a reason. I got tired of seeing hate to the team and players, but mostly to the organization (if you never bad mouthed the org. then I'm not talking about you). But yes, I also defended the players and coaching staff.


    I can agree more and more with what people were saying. Matt needs to get his @ss some prozac or something cause his melancholy leaks through my TV and now there is a depression (:fingergun:) in my entertainment center. Interceptions made by our defense that result in nothing more than field goals don't count for jack (although good job to Shayne Graham tonight for 13 points). The defense rocked freaking hard tonight keeping the bungles to 2 field goals. Yet Matt can't seem to cheer up and start getting it together. I mean come on, Matt...you finally joined the ranks of every other nfl quarterback who had made at least one yard (yay!, milestones!:hurrah:)

    I still have faith in the man. Maybe if he can go to one of Tony Romo's "Get your team fired up and *******ing lead them" seminars then he can show what he's made of. Or maybe not. We will see. But if he is still downing ritalin with a bottle of vodka every night and pouting at the end of the sideline everytime a drive ends in a punt or field goal, then I see next week ending very badly.

    With that being said, GO TEXANS!! :fans:

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