A New Beginning

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by dalemurphy, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Okay. We are 0-2 and currently the worst team in the NFL. However, this team certainly has the potential to be much better than that and I believe the actions since the Pittsburgh game signal the beginning of that rebirth. Certainly there are many concerns and more weaknesses on this team than most of us thought going into this season. Fortunately, I think we've suffered the worse stretch of football that we will see for some time. Here are some reasons why:

    1. Pendry promoted/ Palmer fired-- I'm not a Palmer basher. However, it was a change that was needed. Palmer is philosophically rigid. He is not capable of productively altering his system in order to fit Caper's vision. Nor was he able to utilize our talent on offense while protecting the areas in which we were defficient. Pendy, on the other hand, has a philosophy that is centered on just that. I've already heard many quotes from him talking about putting the players in a position to succeed. His goal is to create an environment with the gameplan that allows the players on the field to feel confident and comfortable in what they're doing. While I know that sounds obvious, many OC's in the league, Palmer included, don't do that nor do they even attempt to do that... Martz and Spurrier are two more that come to mind immediately that shove their systems down the throat of their players.
    From Pendry, I expect we'll see more max protection. We'll see Davis on power sweeps following Pitts on pulls around the right side. We'll see more play-action. Also, Carr's reads will be simpler and his keys at the line will be simpler. Davis will be more active in the passing game especially since he's deficient in pass protection. The result will be a more confident offense that will grow and improve throughout the season.

    2. Benching Babin/Buchanan-- this is long overdue. Not the benching of these two in particular, but the coaching staff finally holding it's players accountable for their performance on gameday. If this honest evaluation and reaction to poor play continues, guys like Bradford, McKinney, Bruener will be seeing less action while guys like DArmstrong, Mathis, Murphy, Norris, Faggins, RWalker, SOrr, CAnderson, Polk, Ioane will get more playing time and be able to produce for the team. And, it will get the attention of the starters and motivate them to get better results. One of Bill Parcell's greatest coaching tools is his willingness to bench anyone for their performance and play anyone (regardless of perceived talent, experience) who produces.

    3. There is an understanding by the entire Texan organization now that it is accountability time and no more excuses will be accepted nor offered. If things don't turn north more changes will take place... And, that's a good thing. After all, it's clear that McNair wants/expects to win and that he will run his organization the right way. If Capers leaves after the season, I'm confident much effort and money will be spent to find a very good replacement.
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    Great post! Good analysis and nice to see a positive attitude, for a change. :thumbup

    Personally, I think these moves are a step in the right direction for both the team and the fans.

    While it is quite obvious to everyone that something is wrong with the team, I like the fact that both the coaches and the players are being held accountable. If this past 48 hours doesn't wake them up, then nothing will.

    From this poor 0-2 start, I expect to see a different team take the field against the Bengals. Not only in play-calling, but in attitude. For three seasons we have watched our team play hard, and even when they lost, we still felt like they played to win (most of the time).

    But this season, they have played like losers. No fire, no desire, just flat. It's like we don't even recognize our team anymore! The 0-2 team of this year barely resembles the attitude we've seen the past three years...it is almost surreal.

    That's going to change, though. Think positive, as fans, as a team, as a community. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The crossroads we are at now can still bring positive results. :cool:
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    We need to loose carr for a new beginning :yahoo:
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    Nov 23, 2004
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    Hey Murph,

    we can't get any worse, so we have to go upwards!!!!!!!!!!!

    bobby 119C :fans:
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    Judging from the exchanges between players and coaches....

    I see more turmoil around the corner.

    I want to believe it's over and it's getting better. I really do.

    But right now, I just think we'll see this situation hit at least one more low point before getting better.

    With this much damage, I don't think it turns around in a week or two. I give it the rest of the season to see who really wants to be on the this team next year and who wants to get out. Thems that want to weenie out the rest of the season (Buchanon probably at the head of that list) can go at the end of the season, and thems that want to stay will work hard to prove it (The Shantee Orr's of this team).

    And THAT is something to build around, if you ask me.
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    i think the new beginning is just playing more simple and smarter football...we've made enough mistakes in the first two games to take up half the freakin season...i think pendry has the right idea...let's make it more simple...let's get the players to just buckle up the chin strap and hit somebody...something fangio should be doing as well

    here's an idea for fangio...instead of trying to out scheme a team how about we just simply try to out play them...play it like this...i got my 11 guys out there and you got your 11 guys out there...just tell your guys to buckle it up and go hit'em in the mouth...no scheme...tell the pass rushers to rush and tell the cover guys to cover and let's see how they do

    on the plus side has anyone else noticed that for the first time ever we blitzed a safty the past two games...CC Brown might be the type of strong safty we needed to blitz

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