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    While looking over my mock teams forums, I came across this awesome tool designed by someone on clanram.com. Just gonna copy and paste what he wrote in his OP...


    Here is the final version of my 2010 NFL Mock Draft Creator spreadsheet. It now includes all the compensatory picks and results from the scouting combine. As a refresher I’ve listed the features of the spreadsheet below.


    Over 1500 players (Name, Position, Height, Weight, College) ranked by averaging various player rankings on the net.

    Ability to view by specific player position.

    Team statistical rankings from this past year (Passing, running, against the pass, against the run)

    List of players who will be attending the NFL combine and combine results.

    Draft Point Value Chart (For estimating value of specific draft positions for trades.)

    Easy to use, just put the number where you think a player will be picked next to his name on the Player Data page and it fills in his position on your mock draft page.

    Ability to filter the mock draft page to only include the picks for the team you cheer for.

    Good luck in the draft!

    Here is the web link to download the spreadsheet:


    (Scroll down the page to the link titled “2010 NFL Mock Draft Creator_Final Version.)


    All credit for this goes to Beerfish on clanram.com. Enjoy! :texflag:

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