7 Step Plan for Offseason

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by pbkwfu1, Oct 17, 2005.

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Hey, I'm new here, but have been a Texans fan since their inception, and have followed the boards for a couple months now. Let me know what you guys think ...

    -Step 1: Fire Capers and staff and Casserly
    -Step 2: Hire Jim Johnson (Phi DC) as head coach, allow him to pick DC and hire Russ Grimm (Pit OLC) as OC
    -Step 3: Hire Tom Heckert (Phi VP of Player Personnel) as GM
    -Step 4: Sign second tier CB in FA to be our second CB
    -Step 5: Trade number one pick to team in the mid-late teens wanting Leinart/whomever for their first, second, and first next year
    -Step 6: Draft as follows:

    1. #15-20: Jonathan Scott, Andrew Whitworth, Winston Justice (Best available OLT)
    2. #1: Abdul Hodge (MLB Iowa)
    2. #15-20: Ray Edwards (DE Purdue)
    3. #1: Leonard Pope, Tim Day, Dominique Byrd (Best available TE)
    3. #5-10(NO): Kyle Young (C Fresno St.)
    4: #1: Davin Joseph (RG/RT Oklahoma) or Mark Setterstrom (G Minnesota)
    5: #1: Jonathan Orr (WR Wisconsin)
    6: #1: Best available CB
    7: #1: Fastest player available

    -Step 7: Fill in remaining depth via FA - especially another LB and DE (Don’t have to be All-Pros just adequate rotation players/spot starters)

    This will leave us with the following depth chart, which should bring us to respectability and give us two first rounders for next year’s draft while maintaining cap flexibility

    WR1: Johnson
    WR2: Gaffney
    WR depth: Mathis, Armstrong, Orr
    LT: Scott/First rounder
    LG: Pitts
    C: Young
    RG: Weigert
    RT: Wade
    Line Depth: Joseph/Setterstrom, Wand, Hodgdon, Brown, other
    TE: Pope/Day/Byrd
    TE depth: Joppru, Rivers/Murphey
    QB: Carr
    QB depth: Ragone, FA/UDFA
    RB: Davis
    RB depth: Morrency, Wells, FA/Hollings
    FB: Norris

    RDE: Edwards
    DT: Smith
    DT: Johnson
    LDE: Walker
    D-Line depth: Payne (DT), Ioane(DT), FA (DE), Babin (rush DE), Peek (rush DE/LB)
    WLB: Greenwood
    MLB: Hodge
    SLB: Wong
    LB depth: FA, Orr, Anderson, Polk
    CB1: Robinson
    CB2: Free Agency
    CB depth: Faggins, Buchanon, Sanders, draft
    FS: Coleman
    SS: Earl/Brown
    S Depth: Earl/Brown, Simmons, FA?

    P: Stanley
    K: Brown
    KR: Mathis, Morrency/Draft?
    PR: Buchanon
  2. WildBlackBear32

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    I would never trade out of the top 10 from #1. Never, ever.
  3. Bubbajwp

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    Mar 21, 2005
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    I say we trade to about #8
  4. Napa Auto Parts

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Why would we trade out of the number one Carr is goingto cost us a Fortune and im sorry but he is not worth it. i keep hearing potential but if you look back even up to last season he really hasnt done Squat. im sorry to bring a little reality i believe carr could of been a good Qb but its to late now he is mentally not right Carr needs a fresh start some wear else so the poor man get some sleep at night. but unless Carr takes a Huge PayCut Or Reworks his roster Bonus to about 300k inteads of 8 million!!! 8 million is he worth that? i dont think so why we would keep him Potential isn't enough for me i see more potential in the Draft. :twocents:
  5. pbkwfu1

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    Oct 17, 2005
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    While I agree in general to the idea of not being willing to trade out of the top 10, I think there is a unique situation in this year's draft. With the depth of not only quality but exceptional prospects at the position of our largest need, I do not think it is as much of an issue. My main point was that I think we need to not only secure 2 first day picks this year, but also a first rounder next year in return for the number one overall selection as there should be a handful of teams bidding against one another for Leinert. It might be possible to get the same in return to only move down to around 8-10 in which case I would be all for it. There are just too many holes on this team to think that a single pick will be able to fix this team. Hence I was suggesting a situation in which we could get 3 potential above average starters as opposed to one potentially excellent starter.

    As far as just taking Leinert, I think that would be a poor decision. While Carr may very well not be the best quarterback in the league or even an average starter I think it is impossible to judge him accurately when he has approximately half a second to throw the ball every time he drops back. Even if you believe he will never be good enough it seems pointless to throw another first pick behind the same terrible line and watch him get demolished, at least wait a couple years til we have a line good enough to protect the QB and then see about getting a new franchise QB.

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