2008 Texans -- Pick it apart, I know you want to!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Dallas_Texan, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I'm sorry to be "looking ahead". I still believe in the Texans, I just needed something positive to think about for a day or two. We will have over 30MM in cap room!! DRob and Weary are our only big FA's we have to resign (maybe Danny Clark, but he will be cheap). I did see that DRob is extended through 2010...is that true?

    Check out the potential:

    FS Jordan Babineaux UFA Seattle Seahawks
    FS Mike Doss UFA Minnesota Vikings
    FS Deke Cooper UFA Carolina Panthers
    FS Eugene Wilson UFA New England Patriots

    CB Dre' Bly UFA Denver Broncos
    CB Quentin Jammer UFA San Diego Chargers
    CB Charles Tillman UFA Chicago Bears

    OG Alan Faneca UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
    OT Jake Scott UFA Indianapolis Colts
    OT Max Starks UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
    OT Trai Essex RFA Pittsburgh Steelers
    OT Sean Locklear UFA Seattle Seahawks

    LB Boss Bailey UFA Detroit Lions
    LB Tedy Bruschi UFA New England Patriots
    LB Na'il Diggs UFA Carolina Panthers
    LB Demorrio Williams UFA Atlanta Falcons
    LB Mike Vrabel UFA New England Patriots
    LB Darrell McClover UFA Chicago Bears

    DL Jared Allen UFA Kansas City Chiefs
    DL Ebenezer Ekuban UFA Denver Broncos
    DL Mike Rucker UFA Carolina Panthers
    DL Paul Spicer UFA Jacksonville Jaguars
    DL Terrell Suggs UFA Baltimore Ravens
    DL Randy Starks UFA Tennessee Titans

    FB Lorenzo Neal UFA San Diego Chargers
    RB Michael Turner UFA San Diego Chargers

    WR Bernard Berrian UFA Chicago Bears

    There is a good chance we get a big name cornerback at the very least. I know Bennett is doing well, but you don't pass those guys up with that much cap room unless you're totally rebuilding the Oline, which I'm also ok with. I believe we draft an RB in the first (assuming it's not a reach pick).

    My ideal signings:

    CB Charles Tillman - Solid CB that can help Dunta make this a solid secondary
    LB Boss Bailey - Together with Demeco would make a scary LB corp for not a lot of money
    DL Paul Spicer - Could rotate with Weaver and it's always nice to take people out of Jacksonville!!
    FB Lorenzo Neal - If he can open holes like that for LT, I can't wait to see him open holes for our #1 draft pick

    LT - Spencer gets healthy and is back up to speed by week3

    1st round draft - Jonathan Stewart RB
    3rd round draft - Best Center available
    __________________________________________________ ___
    Depth Chart would be:

    QB: Schaub/Rosenfels
    FB: Lorenzo Neal/Vonta Leach
    RB: Ahman Green/Jonathan Stewart
    WR1: AJ/ ADavis
    WR2: Kevin Walter/Jacoby Jones
    LT: Charles Spencer/Ephraim Salaam
    LG: Chester Pitts/McKinney
    C: McKinney/Flanagan/Rookie C (start by week 4)
    RG: Weary/Studdard
    RT: Winston/Black

    RDE: Mario/Kalu
    RDT: Amobi Okoye
    LDT: Travis Johnson
    LDE: Spicer/Weaver
    LB: Demeco Ryans
    LB: Boss Bailey
    SS: Boulware/Earl
    FS: Demps/CC Brown (2009 will have to be our year at FS)
    CB: DRob/Faggins
    CB2: Charles Tillman

    KR: Jacoby
    PR: Jacoby
    P: Turk
    K: K Brown
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    That is a positive thing to look forward to - all of the cap space and all of the free agents. Heck, I feel like a Tight 'Uns fan at a Dollar General sale! "Wee-Haw! Break out the potted meat and put the lipstick on the pig! It's gonna be a party!"

    So said, I'm just thinking that Spencer making it all the way back to being a solid LT after nearly two years on the bench might be overly optimistic and I don't necessarily think its a lock that McKinney comes back. I'm also not really comfortable with Boulware and Demps as bookend safeties....

    But that's just me.

    Still, it is nice to be reminded that there will actually be some money next year and we won't still be paying for the previous regime's mistakes.
  3. bah007

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    Spring, TX
    Wouldnt mind any of those signings (for a decent amount of $). Very unlikely tho.
  4. D-ReK


    Apr 30, 2004
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    Jammer and Tillman both signed extensions before the season, so cross them off the wish list.
  5. Maddict5

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    Jan 11, 2006
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    im sure SF fans were doing the same last yr..
  6. Runner

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    You need to take Flanagan and probably one other o-lineman off that list. They aren't going to carry 11 on the roster.

    They also better have a better plan than Spencer at LT and Salaam if Spencer can't go. That doesn't work this year, and it isn't going to be any better next year unless Spencer makes a full recovery and is as good as evreyone projected after 1.5 games evidence. I don't like the odds on everything coming together so perfectly for Spencer.
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    Of all the people on your list, I like OG Alan Faneca and DE Terrell Suggs the best.
  8. infantrycak

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    Austin, TX
    Tillman--fine, gambler who will get burnt if there is no pressure up front, but would be an upgrade if the price is low.
    Bailey--athletic freak who can't stay on the field and has underwhelmed.
    Spicer--why bother? 32 year old DE v. Weaver and Kalu--no point.
    Neal--ain't happening. Leach just got signed to the largest FB contract in the NFL plus he does his job well.
  9. nunusguy

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    I hope Kubiak (assuming he's still here after this season), won't make another blunder and rely upon Spencer as his LT. With the severity of his injury, which
    resulted in him missing virtually "TWO" whole seasons, its hard to imagine that he can regain his athleticism and quickness for the 2008 season, if ever.
    But his size and strength should remained intact and enable him to return to his origional Oline position of guard, maybe even RT.

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