2 headed Back attack

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    It seems like alot of people on this board are against the team taking Marshawn Lynch. Now, if AD is there at #8, by all means, take him. But the (very)sad truth is, he simple won't be there at #8. We can't draft off of hope(i.e. DW). Also, we have far to many holes to fill to draft up for AD. We do have so many holes that we could trade down a few spots, pick up ML at a spot where he is worth. He's got some great moves, speed, and seems to be a better runner outside the tackles...

    Bounces off defender

    Sweet Moves
    Going outside
    70 yd TD Run

    ML is our lightning.

    Ron Dayne.
    Now, i know most of you think he has been too consistently bad throughout his career, but the last 2 years he has been in a zone blocking scheme. I'm not 100% if Sherman is pushing Power or Zone, but I'll assume zone. With the Broncos he popped off 5.1 yards a carry. Take away his 55 yarder, that brings it down to 4.1 yards a carry. Exactly what he averaged with us. These two guys could definitely be our 2 headed monster. Dayne performed consistently well once he was healthy. The more carries he gets, the better he performs.

    RD is our thunder.

    And assuming we trade down for ML, we'll have an extra 1'st day to help fill other holes on the team(pick a line, they both need help). Just some Sunday Afternoon thoughts I had.

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