1st vs.2nd Half of Season.

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    I love the Texans, but a lot of you are being very unrealistic as the season is heading forward. The first half of the season and the level of competition that we face this year are really good football teams and it's not like they were constructed over night! Face it, we are in for a tough season. And we have the eighth hardest schedule in the Entire NFL. I guess many of you think weer gong to have one of those maricle seasons like the 72 Dolfins. Wrong, wake up and see thins for what they are and be realistic. GK has done wonders with this team and the way they are trying to compete. As long as the team gets better as the season progresses then be happy you see the players and coaches doing something that should have been done a long time ago. One draft isn't going to fix all the problems the organization/team/coaches face this year. I already see a differnce on both sides of the ball in only one game. We lost a good game to a great team. And we are probably going to loose more to other great teams. But that doesn't nessecarlryreflect the motivation and direction this team is headed in one game or one season. We half to have one of the youngest group of players starting at key roles on both side of the game. The experience they gain this year, win or loose is going to carry over tremdously. So leave all your negativity behind you and trust in what GK is trying to accomplish the right way for once! The second half of the season is where all the wrinkles will be smoothed out and you we see this team start putting together some wins. So, sit back and enjoy the begginng of something special happening here with this team as the sesons go by. GO TEXANS!
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    As someone who voted for 5-11 this year, I'm really excited and optimistic with how we're looking so far. I think there's a very good chance of us going 0-5 to start the season and still finish up the season strong. However, I also see a couple of these early games (Redskins and Dolphins) as winnable. Although those are teams that finished strong last year, they're not consistent and I think they make mistakes that we can turn to our advantage.

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