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Texans Talk Football talk only please. Keep it to the game, the players, the coaches and management.

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Default Re: Texans hire Bill O'Brien as HC

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
So just remain in fear then. After all a 2-14 season is much better than trying to improve that situation. You were terrified of losing Kubiak of all coaches for years. Maybe you should just follow Kubiak wherever he goes since you have such a fear that change could actually be for the better. I mean god forbid we actually do better than a 2 win season. Man, I had no idea we were taking such a risk.
Oh hey Texecutioner. Hey bro. Hope you're doing well. Say....you never replied to my post in a thread a few weeks ago. Why's that? Did you miss it? That'd be a shame if you did. Here, I'll post it again just for you....

I still don't get this whole "I wanted Kubiak here" thing. I've wanted Kubiak gone for ****ing years now. Just because I'm not a mouth-breathing idiot and I can discern where to assign blame for specific failings and don't spit repetitive fire about Kubiak doesn't mean I've wanted Kubiak here this whole time. I wanted him gone after 2010 at least. Maybe I have to go back through my posts and find them so that I can show people like you each and every ****ing time you bring up this idiocy about me wanting him here.

So. Exhausting.

EDIT: Ah hell, I did it. I went back and searched for all posts I've made with the term "Kubiak" in it. Here are all the ones that call for his firing, criticize him for decisions, blame him for the state of things, etc. It's time to settle this **** and silence this talking point against me once and for all.

http://www.texanstalk.com/forums/sho...&postcount=921 (11-22-12)

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http://www.texanstalk.com/forums/sho...&postcount=179 (10-18-11)

http://www.texanstalk.com/forums/sho...3&postcount=11 (10-18-11)

http://www.texanstalk.com/forums/sho...6&postcount=75 (10-17-11)

http://www.texanstalk.com/forums/sho...3&postcount=84 (10-16-11)

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And just for more, here's some from another Texans board I've gone to over the years....

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...7&postcount=55 (10-13-13)

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...84&postcount=9 (10-20-11)

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http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...28&postcount=7 (1-4-11)

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...7&postcount=89 (1-3-10)

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...58&postcount=4 (12-14-09)

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...94&postcount=6 (12-6-09)

http://www.inthebullseye.com/forums/...5&postcount=54 (9-13-09)

Here you go, so you can take your "you've wanted Kubiak here this whole time!" **** and shove it up your ****ing asses. And I'm going to post it each and every single time someone continues to say it to me.
I have no fear whatsoever of coaching changes. I wholeheartedly supported the Suns' change at GM and coach this year but I didn't get excited until the results happened on the court. Two months in and there are results so hey, guess what, I'm ****ing excited about the Phoenix Suns. I just like to see things unfold before getting excited or mad. I've seen too many failed, overhyped draft picks and too many failed, overhyped coaching changes in my time watching sports. Sorry if I'm not about to react before having results to react to. And even with that said, maybe you'd like to check out my post in the "can we have a KC-like turnaround?" thread for my level of excitement at this coaching change.

The last part of my quoted post stands true. You've been clowned time and ****ing time again on this from me and you've yet to respond and yet you press on with your bull**** narratives. You are, without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest ******* on this board who shoves words into people's mouths like nobody I've ever seen before. **** you.

....as for other posts, no, Braves fans hating the change now has nothing to do with Cox leaving. Way to miss the point entirely on that.
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