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Default Fantasy Football Disagreement

Alright, I'd really like to get some opinions on this matter. A buddy of mine that I have been really good friends with for over 10 years and I have had a bit of a falling out. Any opinions would be much appreciated. I have asked many of my friends as well as mutual friends their opinion on the matter and all of them have sided with me so far, but I would like to get the opinions of those of you on the board that read this.

So last Friday night I get home from being out with my wife and am bored. In my bored state, I decide to try one time to log onto my buddy's fantasy football page. My very first guess turns out to be correct on his password and if only I could tell you what his password was. It was pretty funny and entertaining what his password turned out to be.

So as a joke, I decide to accept a trade I had sent him. It was a VERY minor trade (Kyle Orton for Tim Hightower) neither of which are starters for either of us. The next day, I found it hilarious to send him a text telling him thanks for accepting the trade and that he made a good decision. Well, the guy ends up flipping out. The trade takes 3 days to go through so nothing had been finalized or anything like that, but the guy gets pissed. Well, I tell him maybe he needs to change his password and hint to him that I know what his password is. He flips out and tells me to f off.

Knowing exactly what to do, I contact the league commissioner and have him veto the trade. I explain to him the situation, and he finds it funny, and I figure everything is over with. The next day my friend is texting me like nothing happened. Everything seems cool between us. Well then on Monday night, he sends an email out to the entire league basically calling me a cheater, saying that I was trying to screw over the entire league by accepting this trade for ****ing Tim Hightower (League Championship!!!) and says that he is refusing to pay his league dues which had not yet been collected. He then contacts the league manager and tells him the only way he will play is if I pay his dues. The league commissioner calls me and tells me what happened, tells me his understands and is on my side, and even offers to pay the league dues for my friend but say it was me that did it. I refuse because I am not going to give in. No damage was done to his team, he did not lose his matchup because of me, and he has no reason to quit the league.

Well, needless to say, I am PISSED. The fact that a guy that is supposed to be one of my best friends goes off and emails the entire league trying to make me look like a cheater is basically like asking for a fist fight. Then for him to say the only way he will play is if I pay his league dues was just bull shit. Nothing I did affected his team in anyway. His RBs are Mendenhall, Peterson, Barber, Cadillac, and Hightower. Nothing I did messed up his team, and I got it fixed the very same day all of this happened.

Honestly, I don't feel like I should just let this go. I'm not going to put up with someone making me out to be a cheater to a bunch of my friends and call me out in front of everybody. Also, I honestly believe he is doing this because he is pissed he is 0-2 and doesn't like his team. I think he is just using this as an excuse to not have to pay and be a cheap ass because he is pissed he is losing.

So anyway, what are your opinions?

Thanks in advance.
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