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Mock Draft Talk Mock Drafts, group Mocks and links to all the shamockery.

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Default SF49erFaithful's Annual Mock

Rip it to shreds, I want as much feedback as possible.

1. St Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB
Suh and MCcoy are both better prospects, but Marc Bulger has been on the decline for a while now and St. Louis hopes to find a new face to their franchise. I think all the speculation of this pick has me convinced, too.

2. Detroit Lions - Russell Okung, OT
Their coach, a defensive mind, would probably love to grab Suh right here to establish a tough front four similar to the one he had in TENN. However, DET opts to go Okung, a top 5 prospect anyway, to protect last year's investment.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs - Ndamukong Suh, DT
The Bucs could use help at a lot of positions, so they can practically take the BPA. This would be a dream scenario for them, considering Suh might be the best player in the entire draft. If Detroit takes Suh, which very well could happen, McCoy is the call here and not a bad consolation prize by any means.

4. Washington Redskins - Jimmy Clausen, QB
This pick was tough for me. Honestly, I think Washington would love to get Okung here to fill that glaring need at LT, but he is already gone at #2 in this scenario. They could reach for Bulaga, whom I originally had slotted here, but since Shanny manages to find capable O-linemen in the later rounds, they'll go with the value here. Although, it's totally possible that Clausen is this year's Rodgers or Quinn who falls all the way to the mid-late first round.

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Bryan Bulaga, OT
A reach in my opinion, but Pioli has shown in the past that he will reach to fill needs (Tyson Jackson anyone?). Anyway, OT is a need for KC and Bulaga could step in right away at LT. I think Eric Berry is a strong possibility here, too.

6. Seattle Seahawks - Eric Berry, S
Simply the best player available, and at a position of need to boot. But, I am by far from sure about this pick, considering I have no idea of how Carrol drafts or values particular traits. Walter Jones is out, so an OT like Campbell or Williams could go here. If Clausen falls, I couldn't help but imagine him as a major consideration, too. Dez Bryant could be a surprise pick.

7. Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, CB, Florida
I'm not big on Haden for various reasons, but this pick makes a lot of sense. Cleveland has a terrible secondary and Holmgren has shown in the past that he isn't scared to take a corner within the first couple rounds (Jennings + Wilson).

8. Oakland - Anthony Davis, OT
Where do the Raiders go here? With as unpredictable as Al Davis is, who the hell knows. Many people have physical freak Bruce Campbell slotted here, assuming that Davis will be enamored with his athletic ability, but I'm not sold. While it is certainly a possibility, I feel that Davis is more strongly persuaded by speed at skill positions like cornerback and wide receiver (Route, Washington, Heyward-Bey). With that being said, Anthony Davis is still a great athlete and his character concerns make him a perfect Raider's pick.

9. Buffalo Bills - Dan Williams, NT
The Bills are switching to a 34 defense and choose their NT of the future. A reach? Perhaps, but that didn't scare the Bills from snagging Donte Whitner at #8 a few years ago. It seems to me that they aren't scared to reach for a guy if they really like him and fills a need. Considering Gailey's commitment to a power running game, OT Trent Williams is a possibility here as well.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars - Rolando McClain, LB
Although they in desperate need a pass rush, I would be surprised to see the Jags take a DE at #10. Considering their last two DE picks have been busts (Groves and Harvey....ok, Harvey gets another year, but still), I think they'll be a bit scared to take one. Plus, they signed Kampman in the offseason. I bet they'd love a CB here as well, but Haden is off the board and the next best one would be a major reach. Anyway, McClain is decent value here and can thrive at MLB for years, while Durant slides back over to the outside, the position he originally played for JAX.

11. Denver Broncos - Dez Bryant, WR
Brandon Marshall is probably out in Denver, so it will need a new playmaker to fill the void he left. However, the Broncs could potentially be turned off by Bryant's off the field issues after the headaches Marshall caused. The Broncos could also use a new starting NT and ILB, leaving Williams and McClain as strong possibilities if available.

12. Miami Dolphins - Sergio Kindle, OLB
I would be surprised if this pick was anything but OLB or Dan Williams. I think Jason Pierre-Paul draws strong consideration here as well, being the type of big-bodied OLB that Parcells adores. But in the end, Kindle is a better overall prospect and gets the nod. I envision him being similar to Manny Lawson in the pros - an explosive and athletic player that can stuff the run and look fluid in coverage. There is another trait the two have in common, except this is not one so special - a total lack of pass rush moves. Kindle will be a good player in the NFL, but not a big pass-rushing threat.

13. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Williams, OT
I don't see any other option here if the first 12 picks play out like this. RT is a desperate need for the Niners, with incumbent starter Adam Snyder being totally inept at pass and run blocking. In addition, Williams presents good value here. If Williams is gone, I think Bulaga, McClain, or Williams are all options if one of them is available. It is very difficult for me to imagine the 49ers taking Joe Haden or CJ Spiller at this spot. Haden is not the type of big corner the niners usually like, and he doesn't posses very good speed to compensate. As for Spiller, RB is not a need, and I doubt the 49ers believe Spiller is a 3-down back.

14. Seattle Seahawks - CJ Spiller, RB
Let's be honest, the Seahawks might be weaker at RB than any other team in the NFL, so this pick fills an immediate need. A multi-dimensional threat, Spiller can be Carrol's Seahawk version of Reggie Bush. With such a depleted roster however, the Hawks could go a number of directions here. I find it almost equally as likely that they go with an OT or a guy like Derrick Morgan, since Walter Jones is retiring and Darryl Tapp is out of picture. Don't forget that Kerney is getting older, either.

15. New York Giants - Sean Weatherspoon, LB
Despite having a mediocre record, the G-Men really don't have that many needs. One area in which they are really lacking though is at LB, where there is not much to be found. Michael Boley has talent but is nothing special and battled through injuries last year, and Clint Ingrim is a former 2nd round pick with potential but outside of that there is virtually nothing. Weatherspoon is a great player with outstanding leadership who can step in and start in from Day 1.

16. Tennessee Titans - Jason Pierre-Paul, DE
The Titans could go with a number of players here, but I'd be surprised if any of them were not defensive linemen. Tennessee really needs one in the worst way. With KVB gone, there are no pass rushers. The team also lacks any real force at DT after the departure of Haynesworth. TENN has also surprised in former drafts by picking players a little earlier than most think they'd go (ex. Chris Johnson and Michael Griffin), so even though JPP may seem like the best value, guys like Dunlap, Odrick, and Price are also possibilities. The only other option I see for it is Sean Weatherspoon (which is actually not too unlikely on second thought), who would replace Bulluck, a current free agent.

17. San Francisco 49ers - Kyle Wilson, CB
Honestly, I am not too fond of this pick, but if the first half of the round unfolded like this I think this would be the most likely pick. Really, no one presents good value for us here so a trade down would be ideal, but that's always easier said than done. Nonetheless, Wilson makes the most sense here because of our need at CB and his ability to return kicks. If we don't snag an OT with our first pick, a guy like Charles Brown could very well get the call here. Iupati is not an option in the first round unless the niners think he has a chance at OT. Graham won't get the nod here either, as our FO clearly knocks DE's for height/weight limitations. Earl Thomas is a possibility I suppose, but only at CB due to his shoddy tackling and thinner frame.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Iupati, OG
The Steelers offensive line has shown that it can be improved upon, and Iupati presents the best solution for them. He is the road grader that their running game needs to thrive, and can contribute at any position on the line they need him to except center. A CB is also very possible, so it would not surprise me in the least to see them go with Kyle Wilson if still available.

19. Atlanta Falcons - Brandon Graham, DE
Outside of Abraham, the Falcons really don't have much at DE. Even that may be too generous, considering the fact that Abraham recorded only 5 and a half sacks last season. Although he lacks your ideal frame, Graham is a talented DE that has some quickness and pass rush moves that help him get to the QB often.

20. Houston Texans - Ryan Matthews, RB
I'm definitely not sure about this pick with Earl Thomas on the board. The Texans lost DB Dunta Robinson this offseason, and before that already had enough holes to fill in the secondary. Not to mention that Thomas presents good value at this point, too. But the Texans overwhelming need for a running game overrides any other options, so they go with Matthews to help them out in that department.

21. Cincinnatti Bengals - Earl Thomas, DB
Thomas is the BPA at this point, and it's not like safety is a total strong point for Cinci. If they really like Mays, he could go here too.

22. New England Patriots - Jared Odrick, DT
It seems to me like NE is going downhill fast, and they needs across the board with an aging team. One spot they need filled is DE in their 34 scheme to go along with D-line starters Warren and Wilfork. Ben Watson left, so Gresham could be very, very tempting here. If one of the 34 OLB prospects like Kindle or Graham drops here, don't be surprised if NE chooses that path.

23. Green Bay Packers - Charles Brown, OT
GB sports maybe the worst O-line in the sport, so beyond shadow of a doubt it needs to find some starters in this draft. Brown is a great pass protector with the frame to add more weight.

24. Philadelphia Eagles - Taylor Mays, S
The hard-hitting Dawkins left a hole in the Eagle's D that Taylor's physicality has a chance to replace. LB is also a need but Reed typically gets his guys at that position in the middle rounds of the draft.

25. Baltimore Ravens - Devin McCourty, CB
CB may be the Raven's weakest position, so McCourty fills an instant need and is decent value here. Patrick Robinson has similar value, so he could get the call here instead. With Todd Heap aging, Jermaine Gresham could be picked here as well.

26. Arizona Cardinals - Bruce Campbell, OT
The Cards don't have good starters anywhere along the O-line, so OT could be upgraded without question. Since Rolle left, Mays could be an option here if he is still there.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Roger Saffold, OT
Incumbent LT Adams is pretty old, and Mar Colombo ain't no spring chicken at RT, either. I feel like Jerry Jones could fall in love with a guy like Taylor Mays, so he is possible if still on the board. A playmaker like Golden Tate is possible too.

28. San Diego Chargers - Jonathan Dwyer, RB
LT is gone and in New York, leaving the Bolts with the speedy Darren Sproles. Although a great player in his own right, Sproles is best suited as a situational back and return specialist. Dwyer can take the bulk of the load.

29. New York Jets - Golden Tate, WR
The Jets did trade for Edwards last season, but he is far from an All-Pro type of player and it's not like there is a ton of talent behind him. With a promising QB, a top ground game, and the best defense in the NFL, the Jets don't have a ton of needs, leaving WR as the most logical choice. Although, they could like Benn or Thomas more than Tate.

30. Minnesota Vikings - Patrick Robinson, CB
Not many needs for many, but CB is higher on the list. Robinson is a talented CB that presents very good value here.

31. Indianapolis Colts - Brian Price, DT
Good value here and the Colts don't have anything special inside already.

32. New Orleans Saints - Everson Griffin, DE
Charles Grant is not with the Saints anymore, so Griffin makes sense here.

POTENTIAL SURPRISE PICKS - Dez Bryant - Seattle (at 7), Bryan Bulaga - WAS, JPP - Oakland, Kyle Wilson - JAX
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