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I just know that the Texans need more production from the return game.

I don't know if the fault lies with Moses or with the blocking on the return units, but last year was about average on kickoffs and among the worst in the league on punts.

Buffsoldier pointed out that Moses had a high total yardage number, but that is a factor of the Texans allowing too many TD's and of Moses not taking many fair catches. If you have a huge amount of returns, you will have a high total yardage.

The main problem I have with Moses as the return man is that he doesn't contribute as a WR. If he is one of the best return men in the league that would be one thing. However, if he is just going to be average he is taking up a roster spot that could be better served with someone else that is just going to be an average (or even below average) return man but could help out on the field. This year is an important year for backup WR's on this team because Corey Bradford is in the final year of his contract. If he isn't going to be back in 2005, it would be nice to be able to groom his replacement this year. I don't see Derrick Armstrong as a legitimate deep threat (he is more like a possession receiver in my mind) so that would mean that a fifth WR would be needed on the roster this year to develop into that deep threat. Someone like Sloan Thomas or Kendrick Starling. If Moses is on the roster, there is no room for Thomas or Starling unless Armstrong gets released or the Texans keep six WR's.

To be put on the practice squad, Thomas and/or Starling would have to clear waivers. I think Thomas just might get claimed by another team, although Starling would probably clear waivers. However, both of those guys have great speed and would be attractive on that basis.
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