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Default Re: VY's Mommy: "He's hurting inside and out."

Originally Posted by ESAD2-14 View Post
The point I was making was that he has it pretty freaking good right now as far as life goes. Starting NFL QB, large bank account, adoration of many fans around the nation, the ability to help his family out, and the list goes on. Im pretty sure the good out weighs the bad in VY's life right now.

I LOL @ stuff like this...

Humans are so funny...

I'm pretty sure there are millions of individuals who look at a regular guy having the time to type on an internet message board much like you view VY.

There are many people who probably think you "have it pretty freaking good right now"...And I can say that with confidence without knowing anything about you other than you're posting on a message board...

Just because someones situation is better than yours doesn't mean they are beyond life's problems.
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