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Originally Posted by DC_ROCK
oooh, so a rookie CB is a rookie CB is a rookie CB. Having two pro bowl corners, one on each side, made any offense afraid to throw the ball. Now a team can throw to either side against them.


Dhani Jones is a ok Linebacker, nothing special.
TO is a egotistical, whiner. Who will do more damage than he will help them.
And Kearse. He will help. For the first 3 games, before he breaks or tears something.

Just because you add three big name players, doesnt mean a thing. They have to produce.

Now this argument I have no problem with. Washington is a great addition.

I'm just saying that its not hard to improve this team from what it was last year. They had nowhere to go but up. And just because you think Gallery is the "best football player in the draft" doesnt mean that he is. Remember that.
Remember that? What is there going to be a ****ing quiz before the season starts? Remember that oh, that's a priceless blast against TO coming from a guy who is actually started a thread proclaiming the benefit of picking up Antonio Bryant or , TO without the proof of talent as I like to call him. Remember that? I can link it for you if you don't "remember that"! does it hurt you tremendously to yap out of both sides of your grille like that, or is your jawbone just double jointed? Oh and your right, where a rookie is selected is a direct correlation to how well he will do. For instance Robinson will be much better than Matt Ware, because he was drafted ahead of him right? signed Anquan Boldin in a letter to Charles Rogers and a similar letter from Dominic Davis to BJ Askew..
Now this argument I have no problem with. Washington is a great addition
Who signed an over the hill DT? Oak.
were you refering to the over the hill Sapp who is younger and has more upside than Washington, Or were you refering to Washington, whom you later tout as a great addition? Which exactly are you talking about double-talk?
Just for fun, here is your position on signing JJ Stokes;
Meh. I think we have enought WR to suffice right now.
then a week later you had this to say about Joe Horn
Sign him 2-3 years. Anymore would be a waste. To bad he will sign a 7 year deal with some **** team
then about a week later you started your Antonio Bryant thread.........
more DC rock hypocracy..on the 49ers..
While anything can happen, do you really think teams like San Diego, and the 49ers have any chance?
and then...
Yeah, they need some work. But dont sell them short.
Couch/Rattay throwing the pigskin to Cedrick Wilson, Curtis Conway, Brandon Lloyd, and Rashaun Woods, with Barlow running the ball.
Doesnt sound as bad as it is.
you should really run for public office DC, you've got the wishy-washy mentality for it. Remember that. Even if you don't agree with me right now, that is fine. I am patient enough to wait for you to pull a complete 180 on a given subject as you are so apt to do.

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