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Honestly, I know that this is the official Texans board, but 11 of you homers think that we are the most improved? Who signed, Kearse and T.O. and stole a good OT in the draft, sent him to a nasal specialist who removed pollups from his nose so he can breathe now? Not us!!
Who signed Sapp, Kerry Collins, big Ted Washington, drafted the best OT to come out since Boselli? Not us!!
what did we exactly do that made us better than Philly or oakland? we're going to be starting a rookie CB and our other CB is coming of surgery for a serious groin pull. We have a rookie LB from a mid-major school who may be our pass rusher or may be our Keith Mcants. Our biggest moves were signing Wade and Smith, and BTW Payne still has not fully recovered from his ACL. Do you honestly think that signing those two is better for us than Philly getting Kearse and TO, or Oakland getting Sapp and Gallery and Collins? You guys are the same people who post threads like, " how would insert the name of some cast off problem player from another team here look in steel blue?" I find it highly unlikely that there is an Antonio Bryant on philly's or Oaklands site. Are we improved? certainly. are we the most improved? come on, why even put us on the list? I guess it is time to coin the phrase "steel blue colored glasses"
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