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Honest question (not trying to be an ass), what have we seen in the past 2 seasons would give you the impression "we'll get it going during the season"?
With our defense we basically gutted the interior and started from scratch.

Young guys are the captains over there. Demeco, Mario, Amobi, Freddie B. ...lots of new guys, second yr. players...and scrubs....

On offense we have more established talent...Chester Pitts, Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Meyers....Guys that have started with us or have been in the leauge for a while now...

Towards the end of the season last year the defense started playing better together...I don't think we are going to be shutting anyone down, but over the course of the season we may be able to do just enough on defense to where our offense can win us some games...

Lots of young guys playing big roles over there....Lots of untalented Vets taking up cap space too...Maybe as the season progresses, other guys get chances and emerge....Crazier things have happened, so I mean there is a little room for optimism....right ?
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