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Default Re: What is the Defense Missing?

A poor analogy, but, one anyway would be a chess game:

You prepare: Chess - Study the games played by the Masters; Football - Establish techniques and tendencies of the opponent

1. Beginning Game - Positioning: Chess - Get your pieces into position; Football - Same
2. Middle Game - Countering: Chess - Counter the opponent at the same time setting up for the attack; Football - Same
3. End Game - Attacking: Chess - Out maneuvering the opponent to claim victory; Football - Same

I think the defense (Richard Smith) is lacking in the middle game (2). Richard Smith is too slow in countering the opponent, thus making it more difficult to succeed in the end. You can win a chess game with either the attributes of a queen or a pawn; but if you're not very good at countering, the pawn probably isn't going to be around at the end.

That being said, Kubiak needs to recognize the lack of countering ability and utilize other defensive staff members to compensate. Or maybe Richard Smith is the best of the Peety was after Dunta went down. That would sure put water in the chili.
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