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Default Re: What is the Defense Missing?

Originally Posted by dalemurphy View Post
Let's assume for a minute that our sacks and QB pressures are about where they were last year.
Why ?

Do you think that a team with Mario Williams at DE along with two other first round draft picks should rank that low?
Amobi was a rookie last year.

TJ's hasn't lived up to his draft status.

I guess these things are Smith's fault too.

I would think there are more than a handful of D.C.s that could come in and turn that unite into at least an average one.
If there is a co-ordinator that could have made Amobi play like a seasoned vet last year an make Travis Johnson play like a 1st rd. DT, I'd love to have them on board. If that same D-coordinator could have made Weaver not get hurt I'd be smitten.

let's not forget that we've been poor against the run as well, and that's with Demeco Ryans playing Mike LB every one of the last 32 games.

The talent was so great on our team that people dubbed Frank Okam...a late rd. rookie pick with questions looming about his playing the immediate answer or atleast partial solution to our run stopping game...

Talk about distorted perceptions...
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