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Default Re: What is the Defense Missing?

Originally Posted by Texan JBZ View Post
Polo, you make some valid points, but so do the rest of us that don't like Richard Smith's style of defense. Look at guys like Monte Kiffin, Jim Johnson, Gregg Williams, Dick Labeau, and even Wade Phillips. Yes, they've had good players at certain positions over the years, but not at every position on the field. And sometimes, they've taken average talent and turned them into stars. Take Kendrell Bell for instance. He gets drafted out of Georgia to the Steelers and sets the NFL on fire for a few years. He goes to the Kansas City Chiefs and is never heard from again. Look at guys like Jeremiah Trotter and Micheal Lewis from Philly. They're in the Pro Bowl when Jim Johnson is coaching them. Trotter goes to Washington and Lewis to San Fran and they're not the same players. Simeon Rice is good player for Arizona, goes to Tampa Bay and becomes a great player. Fred Smoot has Pro Bowl-caliber capability with the Skins, goes to the Vikings and is a very average player. More guys who played for these DCs and had productive careers with them: Dhani Jones, Corey Simon, Donnie Edwards, Dexter Jackson, Dwight Smith, Hugh Douglas, Darwin Walker, Jerome McDougle. None of these guys did anything with they're careers once they left these DCs. Gregg Williams took Washington's defense to new heights, now doing the same in J-Ville. The thing they have in common is they fit the talent they have available into an effective defensive philosophy and scheme. They are also very aggressive, risk-taking playcallers. Forget that vanilla crap with these guys. Did you see the Steelers game the other night? OMG, Lebeau blitzed all the time! I don't understand your defense of Richard Smith, but you don't get why I think he should be replaced. I guess that makes us even.
Something else that all those guys had in common was that when they played on teams with a lot of talent around them, they did well. When they got to teams with less talent, or into a situation that didn't fit their skills, they didn't do well.

Kendrell Bell did well in the Steelers system, at least his rookie year when he had 9 sacks. The next 3 years he plays in a total of 31 games and had 9 sacks. When he goes to KC, which runs a 4-3, of course he isn't going to have the same kind of success because he wasn't the same player he was in his rookie year and he wasn't in the same system with the same kind of talent around him.

Of course Simeon Rice was going to do better in Tampa Bay because he had so much more talent around him than he did in Arizona.

If you are so eager to bring in a coach that does a lot of blitzing, you will probably need to bring in another head coach. Whenever Kubiak addresses the lack of blitzing, he says that it wouldn't be effective with our DB's. It may not be Richard Smith's fault that there aren't more blitzes.
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