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Default Re: What is the Defense Missing?

Originally Posted by Texans_Chick View Post
That a lot of times the team doesn't look well coached--that the pass rush looks mechanical and the secondary looks like a Chinese fire drill.
I would say that the team wasn't well coached if we were getting a lot of defensive penalties and generally lacked composure.

I don't see that.

What I see is a bunch of athletes who aren't as talented as the guys they line up against. I think that has a lot to do with the pass rush looking mechanical and the DB's looking confused.

It's not really hard to look at the defense and tell who's not doing their job...It's not hard to tell who's blowing assignments...It's not hard to tell who just isn't physically up to par...

So all this talk of him not fielding a real defensive scheme is confusing to me...

It's plain as day who's getting beat on defense and most of the time we can tell why they're getting beat...

Defense is supposed to "look" a little chaotic....It's supposed to be "organized chaos"...It's just that our guys aren't making plays so it doesn't have that "organized" feel...

And that you wondering what his defense is supposed to look like and whether he is acquiring the right people for that sort of defense or developing them properly.
How much influence does Richard Smith have on who is brought in for his defense ?

I mean...He's not a scout or a talent evaluator..

I figure he has some say, but I'd think a brunt of that load would be on the Head coach and GM ?

Honest question.

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