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Default Weaver, Greenwood, Reeves....

Are the biggest problems with our defense IMHO.

I know some may not agree and think it's the D-coordinator, but I'm not going to discuss that anymore because my minds pretty much made up re: that subect.

Back to the three worse players on our defense.

If I'm not mistaken, a lot of times these guys are on the same side of the field together....

Weaver doesn't do much well IMO, except not get pushed back too much. He's doesn't rush the passer well, he's not all that quick out his stance and he's not that quick once he gets going. His run support is supposed to be his strength but he gets mauled inside at DT and at DE he's virtually invisible except when he's sloth footedly dropping into coverage.

Morlon Greenwood. A good guy. Not that great a football player. He's terrible IMO at the position he plays...This does two things...It severlely hurts us in pass coverage and in run support...He offers no help to DB's on underneath routes, and he gets dizzified in the run game. None of our LB's are particulary great against the pass, but I'm tempted to say Zach Diles is challenging Demeco for our best LB in pass coverage.

Jaque Reeves is scared. He's scared of getting beat in pass coverage and he's scared of being physical. There isn't a route that can't be completed on his side. He's not physical enough or good enough to break up short slants and he isn't talented enough to stick with recievers down field.

IMO, these are the three biggest problems on our defense. That's three MAJOR weaknesses on every level of the defense. Not sure how you scheme or play to our strengths when we really have none.

Blitzes don't work because we don't have guys that can get there. I'd say we have one good blitzer (in Demeco) at LB, and one o.k blitzer at DB is CC...

I really don't think there's a lot of hope on that side of the ball besides hoping our guys can find it in them to come up with unexpected big plays. We aren't going to impose our will on too many teams defensively this year. I think when we win games it will be because guys have made some unexpected big plays and our offense is clicking.


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