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Default Re: What is the Defense Missing?

Originally Posted by Texan JBZ View Post
So am I to believe that the Giants and Titans have players in their secondaries that are that much better than the ones on the Texans? Are Aaron Ross and Courtland Finnegan that much better than Fred Bennett? Are whoever starts at safety for these teams that much better than Demps and Brown? I really don't know. One thing I do know for sure-These teams have good DCs, the Texans don't, period.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.

I'd venture to say that most NFL fans have no idea who our recievers are outside of Andre Johnson....I guess they all must suck too...And sometimes lunch pail, blue collar, play hard all the time guys just don't get the recognition...

There are a lot of obscure players around the NFL that contribute simply because the team knows how to draft/sign players that fit what they do..

And yes...I'd say Aaron Ross and Courtland Finnegan are better than Bennett..Aaron Ross is actually pretty damn good IMHO....

But besides all that...Look at the Titans and Giants Defense overall...look at their Linebackers and D-lines....

I'm pretty sure Richard Smith could do more with those defenses simply because of personnel.
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