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Great Post Guys,

I see everyone's point of view here and do not disagree with anyone.

I think the underlying reason behind what and how the offense has performed and will perform this year, is directly equated to the performance of the offensive line.

The offensive line play will determine when the brain thrust has confidence in the offenses ability to complete certain plays or even try them, David Carr has the time to read the defense, Carr has time to survey the field, the line has the ability to open holes or push the defense backward for a short gain, etc.

I think last year they just felt "SAFE" trying the type of plays you are talking about. This years play calling will be determined by the offensive line play again. I think the jury is still out on what plays we will be able to execute. I hope all the changes will also open up the offense and give Carr time to complete his reads. It's also time for him to step forward and lead.

I believe (hope) we have adequate skill players. Its the trenches that I worry about.

I know this is not revelation to anyone. I just wanted to add my $.02 worth.

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