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Great stats and very interesting read to all.

The Texans have the necessary talent combined with veteran leadership and good coaching to make the same strides made by Carolina last year.

The Texans improved line on both sides of the ball with the Wade and Robaire additions, additional experience to talented youngsters (Carr, Johnson, Gaffney, Hollings and of course DD), and a return to health for the teams proven stars (Walker, Payne and AG) coupled with the fact that most every opponent will underestimate the Texans will prove to be a breakout season for the team, individually and as a whole.

Carr will make all the reads, all the throws and manage effectively.

DD will provied a solid, if not spectacular, running game and add to the aerial attack.

AJ will show why he was 3rd pick of the draft with improved hands and comprehension to accompay the size, strength and talent.

The defense looks to have all the pieces, it just depends on how fast the youngsters pick-up the system and adapt to the position and the league. Another big question mark is the health of the veterans. If the (AG, Walker, and Payne) can all stay healthy and we can get another career year out of Jamie Sharper, then the Texans will make the playoffs. Bunch of ifs but fewer than the last two years for the Texans franchise and most everyone else.
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