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Interesting developments. I can agree with your stats to a point. However the real issue is what the coachs allowed Carr to do. They said at the begining of the year that Carr was going to get rid of the ball quicker even if that meant not allowing plays to develop. Once Davis established a runnig game Capers went into his normal mode of conservative offense run the ball down their throats. Therefore limiting the opportunities for the rest of the team. When Carr ran a play he only had two options. I was at every home game. THere were times Johnson was wide open Carr would look at Bradeford and then throw it Davis. Those were his two reads. Hopefully he will develop a thid read this year and maybe four next year. Right now the only active quarter back to make 4 or 5 reads is Farve. David has a good arm and sometimes in the first five games hew forced a few passes to avoid sacks. This accounts for early production. After Davis established a running game. Carr began makeing two reads with Davis usually the second read. As the year went on Carr got much better at it. At first it was check the 1 reciever and if not open throw to second reciever if hew is open or not. This caused afew ints. Next he started making decisions and if the second reciever was covered he would throw the ball out of bounds. Finally he started moving out of the pocket and running is the second reciever is covered. His next jump will be throwing once he moves out of the pocket because his second reciever is covered. If you watch Farve you will see that he will run around for ever looking at the 4,5 and 6 options. That is when David will be great. Mcnabb is just learning to look at his thid reciever this year. Last year Mcnabb tried to make impossiable throws when his reciever was covered. Vick looks at one and two and then runs. Sometimes he only looks at one and runs. The key here is that although not effective at winning games all those dumps to Davis help Carr to understand when to through to a second option and when not to. Davis speed up Carrs progression even if it did not turn into wins on the scoreboard.
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