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Originally Posted by nunusguy
Let me try to make my point again - Cass is a plunger, a gambler. He tends
to overcompensate for his players in his efforts to secure their services. What
they gave Todd Wade (10 M signing bonus), was until now unheard of for right tackle. The picks they gave up this year for Babin is
a real head scratcher - I think. Had we not traded up for Babin, we could have had Travis LaBoy (a player very comparable to Babin) and Randy Starks
and a 3rd player with our 4th pick. But Cass heard steps and made the deal
with the Titans. He would have taken Wand way before waiting for him to
fall to him in the third round if he really thought he, realistically, was going to
be our long term LT.
But Pitts was a decent selection, though they seem to think he's only an interim answer for LT. I don't know 'bout Gaff - got my doubs. Hollings -
he only played 4 games as an RB. I bet he hasn't a clue 'bout how to block or catch a pass ? I hope I'm wrong, but second round picks don't grow on trees.
But this is the year for Carr to show his stuff - he's got more to prove than
the franchise in general. Leftwich may leap frog him as the fair haired boy in
the AFC South.

What do you mean he would have jumped on Wand earlier, no he wouldnt have, he knew what Wand was worth and he knew he was going to be there in the 3rd. Plus why would you use a 2nd round pick on a project LT anyway? Then you have to know that the 3rd round really isnt that late in the draft, its a 1st day pick, its not like he was a 4th or 5th rounder he did go high in the 3rd.
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