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Originally Posted by nunusguy
"Babin is already a starter on defense" - that's not a serious statement is it -
everybody is in T-shirts, nobody has hit anybody yet - he got the assignment
gratis Cass & Capers 'cause they exchanged 3 picks (2,3,4 picks), and if he
doesn't work out C & C are gonna look like dumb azzs who are squandering
corp. resources. He's being handed every possible opportunity to succeed.
"If Babin has a season like D. Freeney of Indy", or if Babin is another LT,
or if Babin is the second coming of the Christ child, or if "if & buts were candy & nuts - oh what a Merry Christmas !"
Hey , nu.... Are you really that much of a sour puss? Guess you are so down on Babin ; if he doesn't work out, we will see " I told you so" posts. Or " Fire Charley Casserly" posts. Sorry, I prefer to be supportive and positive. Let's just agree to disagree. Go Texans!
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