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Default Info if possible on a couple players

Hey guys from Winnipeg Canada here and you have a couple players on your roster that played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and wonder if you can tell me if you think they will make either your roster or practice roster in your opinion of course.

Albert Johnson was dynamite for us for a couple yeears has great speed but injuried his knee twice in Miami and only stuck around the Jets for a couple games.. I seen he had a few big punt returns and took one to the house in NFLE...

Garrick Jones was dynamite for us on our O line in the five games he played and he is one player I would love to have back here in Winnipeg as our O line is suspect right now after the first game of the season... He has loads of talent and just wondering if you think the guy will get a chance on your roster this year.

Thanks in advance and good luck this season... (I should point out though I am a Dolphin fan...sorry )
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