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Alot of you people want to give the Texans a certain type of offense, either a run first O or a pass first O. This is where most of the arguments get started. I dont think we will be either, the way the offense is panning out I think we will be a really balanced offense running early in games and setting up play-action pass and alowing Carr to get easier passes down field. We will have a very balanced offense. And alot of people arent talking about the affect DD will have on our pass game. He can catch the ball out of the backfield with the best of them.We will most likely start Billy Miller, to tell you the truth, I would start Joppru over Bruener for the fact that he can make plays down field. I think that Bruener will come in on obviouse run downs and in some two TE situations, say it is 3rd and inches, hes coming in the D already knows youre going to run no point in trying to hide it. Miller is a great pass catcher and will more than likely be the starter come regular season.

"The Texans spent so much money on RBs because they want to run first", NO, this is because after year 1 that was our biggest weakness, our passing game wasnt even that bad other than the sacks. We drafted DD as a returner and a 3rd down back, we signed Mack because we had no good RBs and we gave a 2nd rounder for Hollings because we needed a young back to groom for the future, plus Mack was just slow, they were not trying to buile the ultimate run offense.

"If McGahee didnt get hurt would he be a Texan" I think so. You say that people dont take RBs high any more, thats not true, Willis was projected as a high first rounder. Only one WR was picked before the top 2 RBs in 2002. In 2001 LaDanian Thomlinson was taken before any WR. In 2000 Jamal Lewis was taken #5 only one WR taken before him and another RB was taken at #7.And in '99 Edgerin James and Ricky Williams were taken before Torry Holt. This years draft didnt have any unbeleivable RBs. Jackson was projected as a Mid first rounder, not high. Clarret was projected as a hig first rounder after his freshman year, if he hadnt messed up and gotten kicked out of college hed probably be a top 5 draft pick next year. Someone said that we would have taken AJ because they wouldnt have passed up a chance to get a physical fast WR. NO, they knew Roy Williams was comeing out next year, probably Reggie Williams, dont even let me have to say Larry. AJ was the BPA thats why we drafted him.

And we didnt sign Bruener to help Wand, first of all we got him because he was one of the best blocking TEs, he will help the run game but he cant helpa a LT by standing next to him, and 2 because traditionally TEs line up on the right.
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