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Originally Posted by keyfro
i don't see why we even need alternate uniforms...i know it's a good change of pace every once in awhile but the older teams don't do it...teams like the raiders, packers, bears, and the giants don't do this because there is no real point to it...just another marketing ploy to get fans to buy more jerseys...but the ravens alternate is better then others...just looks likes the jags, eagles, and everyone else's alternate jersey...haha
......Um duh the NFL is a buisness.....buisnesses look to make more money ive never heard of a buisness saying "hey we make enough money we don't need any other extra income" If the fans are still buying them then their is still a need for them . Why else would teams change their logo up every couple of years....answer is the almighty dollar. but hey thats just my opinion
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