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Default Re: the Early Returns Are In....

Originally Posted by Number19 View Post
Here's a link to a column by AP sports writer Kristie Rieken, on Frank Okam:

The big fella, by reports, isn't overweight. He's about 337, maybe less by now. "...he's a big man...he's pretty well-conditioned for as big of a person he is..." - Kubiak.

It appears he wants to play at about 330 - he should easily reach that by end of training camp.

Regarding his seeming let-down his senior season, my understanding is that the Horns changed their defensive scheme and Okam's role was not to rush or pressure the QB, but rather was to tie up blockers. People who just look at statistics and see diminished numbers do not often look at the over-all picture. Coming out of HS, Frank was a top prospect and with the right scheme, coaching and motivation, could regain this higher level of play. Kubiak is expecting this, saying, "...there's another level for Frank...".

TJ had a...not spectacular...but solid season last year. He's only starting his fourth season and appears to just now be rounding into the kind of player his draft status would indicate. It is not unreasonable to expect much of the kind of improvement this season as usually happens with a player's second season. I believe he's finally injury free and in good shape. Does anyone have any camp information?
I could have sworn that Okam had better stats his Senior year than all the other years.

I agree with you on TJ. Last year he played better than he ever has. I think that things are clicking for him now and he seems to come out of his shell more. Here's to hoping that he makes a huge leap this year and says "I might be a later starter, but I do have Roud 1 talent."
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