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Default Re: Mike Bell is now a Texan

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
Right now, I would be all for going after Andre Hall from the Broncos. Every time he touched the field last year he played well. He showed HR potential and made some big plays. He didn't get that many opportunities last year because the Broncos has Young, Bell, and Henry. When he did, he really played well though. I think the Texans could probably get him for a really late pick or something, and he does have the potential to be a starter here. He also knows the system already, and watching him run he looked way better than Bell ever has.

I also wouldn't going after Canton Kieth from the Colts. He played really well as a backup last year and when Addai went down, their running game didn't miss a beat with Kieth starting. The Colts got Rhodes back, so I could see them letting go of Kieth especially after he got arrested a few months back.

Those are two backups that I think have a lot more potential than Mike Bell.
Mike Bell is free. Neither of those two are. After his rookie year and before his injury Mike Bell looked like a potential starter also, with a much bigger body of work than Hall.

Bell knows the system and I wouldnt be suprised if he was at practice tonight. We needed bodies at RB. He can come in right away and give good reps. Where other RB's will have a wait time or more catching up to do in the sytem. Every Rep in camp is important.
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