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Default Re: Look out Chris Brown. FA RB Mike Bell visits tomorrow.

Originally Posted by IlliniJen View Post
This was an easy knock to see on Brown for years now. I never did understand why they signed him given his inability to stay on the field. He does have talent and he'd be a fine RB if he could stay healthy.

The decisions at RB have puzzled me for years now. I don't know if it's the team's blind spot or what, but I guess we'll see how their strategy and planning bears out this year. The running game has to step it up big time to take this team to the level we all want them to be at.
Me, too. My theory is that there's an arrogance there, or at least a strong tendency to avoid big-name RBs (Within Kubiak, which he adopted from Shanahan while in Denver).

The precious zone blocking system is THE key to the success of the running game, and therefore any old RB can be a star in "the system." At least that's what I feel when I see how the RB position has been treated.

It's as if Shanahan, and now Kubiak, want to validate their offense system by sticking to the idea of grabbing what I consider to be a "project RB" who seems to be just waiting to be discovered by the genius head coaches who are smart enough to grab said unknown or undervalued RB..."See? It's not THAT hard. I can grab a guy off the street, or any old castaway and make him fit in our system."

My opinion on this gets me hammered by probably 98% of the posters on this message board. I'm seen as a traitor and non-fan because I dare question the direction of the running game. Does the ZBS work? Only if you have BOTH a good line to run it, as well as a good RB to follow it. It seems we are honestly improving the line...but the RB portion is yet to be seen as having been sincerely addressed.

And I'm not saying that Kubiak alone is guilty. Capers practically lucked into Domanick Davis (Remember that the Texans FO had drafted DD with the idea that he MIGHT be able to contribute as a 3rd down guy and special teamer, at best). Well, DD blew up and made the Texans scouting department look pretty good. I don't even think Capers/Casserly can be credited with DD's success, it was just a lot of good fortune at the time...after all, we're talking about the two geniuses who thought James Allen, Jonathan Wells, Tony Hollings, and even Stacey (sp?) Mack could somehow nail down the job. Riiiiiight. Of course, the pickings were a little slim at the time, so it's hard to fault them for trying the best they could as an expansion team. No favors were given us when we began, that's for sure. Hell, we're dadgum blessed to even be alive right now with how slim the pickings were when we began.

OK, enough of the past. Back to NOW, because I Believe In NOW. Ahman Green is great, unless he gets hit on the knee. I suspect he'll do well, again, in the first real game or two...and then the knee will probably get cracked on, it's just part of the game after all, and it'll become too much to manage for Ahman (again). Not a knock on the guy, but it's just how it is. You can't go long before getting whacked, again, in the same spot that brought you down so many times before. BTW, I think this will also happen to Schaub at some point, too, especially in those first five games. YIKES.

A lot of the brain trust here will say that it's absurd for a team to try and pinpoint, and then actually go out and ACQUIRE ($$$$), a top tier RB. The idea, by most here, is that the day of the "feature back" is over.

I think it's extremely hard to really know, for sure, if a top tier guy is absolutely a top tier guy when he hits the field for real on game day. Most people who are Texans fans seem to don't want to fool with trying to risk a high pick on a RB. The risk is high, and it's too much for their ego to take if it were to turn out to be a Reggie Bush-type failure. Texans fans, and I'm one of them by the way, seem to hate the idea of getting trashed by the media. We annually piss and moan about how we "Don't get any looooove from the media" and how we are royally and perennially screwed out of our rightful place in the top power rankings by the preseason gurus on ESPN and elsewhere. We seem to actually want to get some kind remarks form the media as much as we'd like to win an actual game. I fall into it, to, so I am preaching to the choir on this.

Anyways...I have a soap box to stand on when it comes to QB and RB. But I really do appreciate the effort that GK/RS are putting into this team's future. I'd say that GK/RS seem to win a lot more than they lose.

If we keep Schaub and Green (and AJ, too) healthy...our defense is going to be able to pin its ears back and take some chances instead of trying to manage and limit the damage. Football Gods: Please grace our team with only the most minor of injuries...namely a hang nail or a slight sprain.

So...what's a fan to do? I have hopes that Kubiak will swallow his pride after this year and then hopefully make a top tier RB a priority in the first round next year. Or, at least try and trade for a YOUNG and fairly injury-free veteran RB if he's not liking the draft class at RB.

Our way of treating the RB (Dayne? Gado? Chris Brown?) position is definitely helter skelter, to me. Seems to be reaching at straws rather than actually trying to find THE best person out there.

(Sigh) This is the part where I get flamed. Fire away everybody.
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