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i think it's unreasonable to think that Salaam doesn't know the system just because he's working with the 2's. The timing thing may be more of an issue but in the end I think it's moot because I believe they are trying to get Brown ready for September against the Pittsburgh Pennsylvanians.
Salaam doesn't have to take one rep "to know the system"...He can learn the sytem by wathching and going over his play book...

Though it's not "a whole new scheme" the way that we block is going to drastically change with Gibbs on board...

If you look at Vonta Leach's comments regarding Taylor being moved to fullback he talks about how big of a difference it is for the FB while transistiong to the full fledged ZBS...He talks about how big of a difference it is from last year...It was even said the he probably won't have the new scheme down until the end of training camp...

I stand by my comments...Salaam being suddenly thrown into the starting line-up with limited repetitions in this Gibbs style system would leave us worse off than Brown, IMO.
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