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Default Re: the Early Returns Are In....

-Okam won't start as long as TJ is healthy and on the roster.

-Brink and Barber were picked becasue of where the Texans had them ranked, and the fact that they were still available--the staff felt they were too good to pass up at that point. That's from little Shanny's mouth.

-I expect Brown to start from Day 1. If Mario truly is one of the top DE's in this league (some say he's THE BEST or atleast top 3) then you kinda gotta think about it in small bites. He's doing o.k. and showing flashes against Mario and we still have a lot of camp left + 4 Pre-season games. I expect him to get a lot better in that time and to become a lot more comfortable.

Ephriam is a vet, but this is a whole new scheme....Who's been getting the most work in this scheme ??? Brown. That would be bad on the Texans part having Brown get all these reps with the first unit while they are learning and becoming acclimated with this new scheme, only to turn around and start Salaam who hasn't practiced as much. He'd be out of synch with his teammates + he wouldn't have had as many reps (reps are VERY important in ZBS). If Salaam is to be the starter for the opening, look for a terrible pre-season from Brown because that's the only way Salaam uproots him.

-I think Molden has a legit shot at being named a starter by game 1

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