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Default Re: Taylor to get reps at FB

Originally Posted by HJam72 View Post
How is that different from a FB in the power blocking scheme? Seems to me the difference is that the FB in the ZBS has no idea where the RB behind him is going to decide to go, whereas the FB in the PBS (PBS, ha-ha) is generally (but maybe not always) running right through the lane where the RB is headed. I sometimes wonder why a FB is even used in the ZBS, although Leach seems to be awefully good at it. Generally, it seems that an extra TE would be more appropriate for the ZBS.
I'm no expert, but as opposed to the FB in a power scheme taking on the MLB head on, the FB in a ZBS is more often responsible for cutting off backside pursuit, taking on the OLB at an angle. The collisions for a FB in the ZBS are thus less violent and allow them to be smaller and more athletic. Denver with Gibbs had Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns, and Cecil Sapp, all at 230 or less. At one point or another, all of them were the preferred starting FB and a backup TB. They also used an H-back who had FB/TE responsibilities. Doing a little more research, they did carry a bigger FB, usually around the 240 range, but was typically the backup. Extrapolating, Cook and Taylor actually fit more the profile of the type of FB/RB previously preferred by Gibbs than Leach.
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