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Not all the time, depends how I feel. I play a lot of exibitions on Madden and franchise's on All Pro. When playing on Madden, I change my approach to when I play against All Pro.

I am a ball control offense on Madden, works out better because I want to keep the ball out of the other teams hands and my defense turns from a blitizing team to a team that doesnt take many chances and I always double the top WR if I dont have a shutdown corner. The Rams kill me on Madden, I cant stop them.

On All-Pro, I just throw long.

Here is a defensive tip that works on All Pro:
When the other team is in 3-WR and you go to Nickel defense, choose the play when one LB blitzes (make sure that the other LB is covering the TE).
Next, move over the DT, that is closest to the LB, closer to the DE. Leave a gap though.
Then place the LB that is going to blitz a couple of steps behind the little gap and if everything works out the T will take the DE, the G the tackle and the LB will go one on one with the RB.
I get 20 sack LBs all the time with that strategy.

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs

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