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Default Re: Texans Running Backs

I think under normal circumstances the Texans would only keep 3 RB's, But considering the importance the FO is putting on the running game (bringing in Gibbs, signing Brown, drafting Slaton) I would not be surprised if we kept 4 RB's and one or 2 on the ps (Slaton/and or Walker). I think they will rotate freely between them based on health and production. I think there is a chance one will emerge on the top of the pile so to speak, but I don't think it will really matter. The end result will be about 2000 yards or more rushing for the team. By last years standards that would put us in the top 8 in the league. They will also be able to better classify the strengths of each runner in different situations so next season they can be even more productive and efficient. Maybe by that time we can pick up a more dependable tandem through FA or the draft.
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