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I think they all will do well, but I also think they all will be fragile. so we will probably need all of them at one time or another. If slaton can a) make it around the corner in the NFL. b) take the hits without getting injured or coughing up the pigskin too much and C) can pass block and catch well enough to be an all around back, then I think we have us a potential Brian Westbrook. Otherwise he will be relegated to 3rd down receiver out of the backfield and slot. I think our best hope in the short term is Brown, Green and Taylor. If not I see a low round pick at RB next year. I really hope someone can step up and stay healthy and consistent. As much as I like Schaub and our receiver corps, we can not be successful if we are too one dimensional.
"Yeah, and Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, and Gale Sayers were *undersized* too...."
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