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Default Re: [Chron]Texans still flying well under NFL radar

Originally Posted by Mailman View Post
Is that a fair comparison? NFL teams are far more guarded about injuries than NBA teams, for obvious reasons.

There's plenty of criticism to heap on the Chron, "the General" and Justice in particular, but I think it's a bit of a stretch to blame the national coverage of the Texans on the Chronicle. IMO Megan Manful does a fair job of covering the team and assessing its strengths and weaknesses, but the reality is the national sports media adopted a narrative about the Houston Texans that can only be shed by the team defying the stereotypical, simplistic expectations. I don't want to defend the Chronicle's coverage because I agree that it's subpar, but that unnamed national writer's excuse won't fly, either.

Relying on the Chronicle to form an accurate impression of the team is just flat-out laziness. Watch a game and form your own impressions accordingly.
Interesting. Although I believe Megan Manfull to be a nice young lady/sportswriter, I could go to the AP wire/ web site, and repost what was written by others! That does not make for "insightful analysis" from the local birdcage liner or the staff. What has the HOF writer/and HOF committee voting Jabba done to elevate the "national" recognition of the Texans? Yes, winning and losing brings you the publicity (both good and bad) but, when this hack spends more time on his "movie" career and assine spots on, with the equally inept AM, you get wasted ink, poor coverage, and a fan base (who might not be as "impressionable" to form an opionion, from the play on the field) to know this product/team, and what they are about.

Besides "just" watching the game, maybe an in-depth report on the new players, how the player's are coming along with the ZBS under Joe Gibbs, the safeties relating to Ray Rhodes, progress on signing our draft picks, ect...What do we get instead??? "Cooke County" hype, AM sitting on Jabba's lap for Xmas, and Jabba eating his way thru another country, with camp two weeks away!

Luckly, we have internet bloggers, who are passionate about their team and offer (free of charge, except for their time and energy) incite, answers, and reporting/analysis on all things Texans.

Buzz Bissenger be damned!
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