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Default Re: [Chron]Texans still flying well under NFL radar

Originally Posted by Texans_Chick View Post
Personally I am done with these sorts of stories. How many times can the Chronicle write the story that goes:

1. Punchline punchline punchline boy these Texans have sucked over the years.
2. Nationally nobody knows about them.
3. Hey maybe this year they turn the corner.

I have had more than one national writer tell me that one reason why the Texans don't get more national pub is that the stories that come from the Chronicle are so puffy.

ProFootballTalk does a regular link dump of NFL stories from around the league year round. They struggle to find Texans stories that are worth putting in their link dump.

Compare and contrast.

One of the best players in the NBA,Yao Ming goes down last season, and not only does the Chronicle put detailed information about the injury on their site, but they also detail what his doctors and independant doctors say about the injury.

One of the best players in the NFL, Andre Johnson goes down with a knee injury last season and it takes a while before the Chronicle even reports which knee it is.

Why should the national media take the Texans seriously when the Chronicle doesn't report on them seriously either? I'm not saying they need to cheerlead or dump on them. I am just talking doing basic reporting.
TC, that post spells it out quite plainly and loud! When the only written media in the 4th largest city in the USA (thus, no competetion or competence) give the fans and city of Houston, such crap coverage of the local team, it's no wonder the "national" press ignores us!
Jabba McLame, lil Dick (in)Justice, and the bumbling baffons at the are an embarassment to Houston sports reporting. If you pry Jabba from the buffet line and lil Dick from VY atheletic supporter, maybe we could get something resembling reporting!?
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