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Default Re: Have Things Turned Out As Planned?

No, weather alone doesn't win games. But it can be a factor between teams that are closely matched. Look at the lack of success of dome teams playing in cold weather during the playoffs. I guarantee you that dome teams and southern teams have a better road record in games over 40 than in under 40.

I admit I didn't think about Reliant's vertical design. Yes, it does make it difficult for air to circulate compared to the open air stadiums I am used to like UT, A&M, Rice, Baylor, etc. However, Dallas has an even worse situation with that stupid little hole in the roof. I think a big problem with the Pittsburgh game was that fans and stadium personnel just weren't prepared for a hot weather game. If everyone knows that it is going to be a sauna and takes the proper precautions (including giving someone else your tickets if you aren't able to endure the heat), there wouldn't be so many problems.
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