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Default Re: Have Things Turned Out As Planned?

After that Pittsburgh game, I doubt we will ever try to use the heat as an advantage again. Too many fans were spoiled by the Astrodome and are too used to being comfortable during a game as opposed to the rest of the football universe who realize that weather is a factor in football games.

Many franchises actually get part of their identity from their weather. Green Bay, Chicago, New England, Buffalo, Cleveland have all used the cold to their advantage. Miami has used its warm weather to its advantage, as has Dallas. Miami, San Francisco, Oakland and recently Seattle have also had an advantage by playing in rainy conditions at home. When Minnesota moved into a domed stadium, they actually lost a large part of their identity and have gone from a tough defensive team to a team that is usually soft.

I'm afraid that prioritizing fan comfort works against what should be the highest priority for the Texans....winning games.
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