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Default Re: What's The First Thing You'd Do If The Texans Made The Playoffs This Year?

Originally Posted by Speedy View Post
If they have a home game, yeah, definitely the first thing I do is secure my tickets and parking pass.

Of course, if they're in the running in December, I'm sure those invoices would already be in the mail.

So, I don't know what the first thing I'd do would be. If they clinch a berth against Chicago, probably a giant party in the yellow lot would be the first thing. Scratch that, a giant party in section 547 first. Followed by a giant party through the concourse, followed by a giant party down the ramps, then the giant party in the yellow lot.
I forgot about the party of 70,000 + in the Parking lots after the playoff clinching game. Man it is gonna be crazy, but in a good way!!!!
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