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Manning is also more durable because he doesnt run. He has never missed a game in his career, McNair missed around 3 last year.

I think Brady is a top 5 QB, but not number 1. For me it would be something like:
1) Manning
2 & 3) McNair/Brady
4) Favre
5) McNabb/Culpepper

McNair and Brady are switchable, but I give the edge to the co-MVP.

Favre is still Favre and McNabb may have lost in the NFC championship game 3 times, but the fact is he has gotten there three times with no help from his WRs.

Culpepper was 6th on the all time passer rating chart before 04, maybe it is because he has Moss, but you cant deny that he puts the ball in the right places. I'd take McNabb and Culpepper over Vick any day to win a game.

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