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Default Re: Sage want a chance to be a starter.

Originally Posted by Texanmike View Post
Considering? In what sense? It was nice. The wins count. The 4th quarter comeback? NO. Hell no. What the guy plays the best 15 minutes of his life and that seriously weighs in?
If you check earlier in this thread, I posted a link to a game where Sage came in in the 4th quarter with the Dolphins down 23-3 and led his team to their biggest comeback win since 1972. 3 scoring drives in the 4th quarter, the final one which culminated in a TD pass to give his team a one point lead with 6 seconds on the clock. If you recall, in 06, Sage stepped in vs the Titans when we were down 23-3, and he threw 3 2nd half TDs to almost put the Texans on top before time expired. Then in 07, he threw 4 4th quarter TDs to put his team on top with under a minute left. Do you not see a trend emerging here? How can you excuse away good performance after good performance? Preposterous.

Oh.. Minn... who has a need at QB... didn't think he was worth a second rounder. A second is what we were asking for. They said a 3rd.
What that should tell you, is that the staff believes Sage is more valuable than a 3rd round pick.
But what are we arguing? Are you arguing that Sage should be the starter for this team? Is he your starter for the next 4 years? 5? 10? Give me a break. He is at best a stop gap guy. Schaub is at worst a stop gap guy. Maybe I was wrong about Schaub. Maybe he's not the guy we need for the next 6-10 years.... maybe. Sage, I'm convinced isn't. Defend him all you want. Count all of his wins. In fact, lets get his preseason wins too. And his college record... I think he went undefeated as a pop warner QB one year.
Im not saying Sage should be the starter over Matt. I actually have a good feeling about Matt, he reminds me of Matt Hasselbeck. What I am arguing, is that the Texans could make a playoff push with Sage as our QB.

If you're going to count the numbers... he was 1-3 vs teams over .500. I don't care what he was overall.. he was 1-3 vs teams over .500. Nuff said. Don't try to shove the Jac win in there...that one didn't count. Not for me... You don't evaluate a guy based on what he does against a team who doesn't even care about the game.

This isn't a Schaub vs Sage debate. This is a Sage vs someone I want starting for my team.

Want an example? What did Schaub do vs Indy WITH a healthy Freeney? What did Sage do against a Indy w/o Freeney?
man that is so wack. You say Sage was 1-3, but when I go to it says he was 4-1, thats so odd. Schaub lost to Indy with a healthy Freeney. Sage lost to Indy withot a healthy Freeney. The Colts whoop our butts +90% of the time we play them. They've have our number up til this point. Doesnt mean Sage isnt a starting caliber QB.

Schaub: 4-7
Sage: 4-1

Thats the official record for the Texans 2007 season.
"We have a lot bigger package. I would say our package is probably twice as big as it was two years ago." - Sage Rosenfels, June 2008
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