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Default Re: Sage want a chance to be a starter.

Originally Posted by Texanmike View Post
OK OK... lets get this straight this time.

Sage played the majority of 7 games. (Schaub threw 9 passes vs TENN in the first and 5 in the second).

His wins....

Jac.... who rested most of their people.
Den... who finished 7-9
Tampa (the only team he beat that finished over .500 and they would have been a joke in our conference 1-5 vs AFC teams)
Oakland 4 wins FOUR

His losses?
TEN - first time he was up by 4 points in the first quarter when he comes in... throws 3 ints and has a fumble... then has a miracle 1/2 of the 4th and almost wins it.
TEN - comes out to start the 2nd quarter... score tied... goes 17/30 for 185 1 and 1
INDY - This one wasn't really even close. We were out of it by half time.

In reality he doesn't havea quality win. I REFUSE to count Jac. I'll hear Tampa MAYBE.... no I won't they're a 6 win team in the AFC.

He didn't have a SINGLE good game against a team over .500.

Now onto Delhome and Grossman. Grossman only made it to the SB because the NFC has been the ugly stepchild for quite some time. NO way they get there out of the AFC.

Carolina, again, had a loaded defense... and Del Homme actually played decent that year. AGAIN NFC... do we never count the quality of the opponent? Take the rockets streak this year. They didn't beat any good teams at full strength... was the streak amazing... yes... did it mean we were legitimately a top team in the West? NO. QUALITY OF OPPONENT MATTERS.

you are engaging in the time honored tradition of making excuse after excuse for the success of Sage in Houston. I witnessed it take place in 06 with Carr apologists, I witnessed it during the 07 season when Sage was exceeding all expectations, and Im witnessing it right now. According to you, none of Sage's 4 wins are worth considering, and its irrelevant that he tied an all time NFL record 4 touchdown passes in the 4th quarter to give his team the lead with under a minute left. These actual events are somehow not an accurate representation of what his ability is. ok.
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