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Default Re: Sage want a chance to be a starter.

Originally Posted by Texanmike View Post
Why build for the playoffs if you want to win the superbowl? If you are building to win a playoff game or two I agree.... But there's a difference between a superbowl team and a playoff team, as many of us ol' Oilers fans know.

To bring up Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson and point to their play and that of Sage and then try to somehow relate the superbowls they won to winning one with Sage is... well honestly ridiculous.Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were both seasoned veterans when they went to the SB. They had both had starting gigs at other stops. They were both game managers. Sage is not a game manager. Sage tries to make plays. He makes mistakes. Alot of mistakes. Dilfer's job, specifically was to not screw up the hand off to Lewis. Johnson threw a little more, but he had basically the same function.

Oh and there's the fact that those two teams had the most dominant defenses I've ever seen. Neither defense had a glaring, no neither defense had a hole in it period. We don't have that kind of defense.

I'll look for the numbers I did on past superbowl winners. Its remarkable. On average once-twice every 10 years you have a dominant defense win a SB with an average QB. Unless I've got the dominant defense in place, I'll try to build the way the other 80% do it rather than hedging my bet on the 20% chance of success...

that's just me though.


Oh.... I forgot about Sage's record.

Who did he beat? remind me again please.

Ok now that you've started to type the names of the teams he beat and realized that argument holds no water.....
Please dont try to dismiss Sage's success with this tactic, this has been a problem throughout his career in Houston. Oh sure he played well, but it was just preseason. Oh sure he played well, but it was in the 4th quarter vs backup players. Oh sure he won 80% of the games he started, but all those teams suck (even though 3 of the 5 teams he played were playoff teams?). And the 2 teams he beat that werent playoff teams, did happen to have some of the best pass defenses in the NFL (Oakland and Denver). The only team he lost to was the Colts, and nobody would have expected us to win that game regardless of who was quarterback.

I repeat, if Rex Grossman and Jake Delhomme are good enough to get to the superbowl, so is Sage. Sure it would be great to have Manning as our QB, but you cant have an all star at every position. Sage isnt perfect and he still has some aspects to work on for sure. But he has displayed an undeniable pattern of stepping up and delivering when it matters most, in the 4th when the game is on the line. He has helped our team win games, and will continue to help our team win games. And most likely, he will continue to not get the props he deserves. But thats cool. Still, im going to set the record straight when I see him being unfairly characterized by Texans fans.
"We have a lot bigger package. I would say our package is probably twice as big as it was two years ago." - Sage Rosenfels, June 2008
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