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Originally Posted by B.Diddy
Is the best player in the NFL really Peyton Manning... ..........uh no he isn't even the best quarterback Steve McNair is, he is a soldier he plays hurt he is a monster to take down and has proven himself time and time again. If he was rating on talent pure and simple like he stated McNair would be at the top of the list.

Agreed with B. Diddy if you have manning there mcnair should be rated right there cuase they were co-mvp. this listing is biased cause manning is the last great "white" hope QB america can have. people are realizing there are being great strides in the nfl towards the black Qb who is just as smart in reading defenses and is way faster and quicker. need me to make a list? hmm there some of the highest paid qb's and the highest to go on the market. mannign is all hype. put him with some average wr's and he's nothing. now mcnair has average wr's and his gameplay is way better. he's a dual threat guy who can do it all and has mobility to scramble if in trouble. mannign doesn't he just has to look stupid when he gets sacked or throws a int. remember the cham game against the pats. manning was exposed. forget tough db play. manning was exposed as nothing. thanks for your time and cheers.
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