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Default Re: prediction Texans 6-10

Originally Posted by Texecutioner View Post
Look, enough with stuff about Bold print. I'm not offending anyone, nor have I disrespected anyone in here. I have used it in several forums before and it has always been sort of like a Signature thing.

You're talking about etiquette here, but you don't even spell the word correctly. Now, I'm sure it was a typo but this is a sports forum and the nit picking really isn't necassary. I don't even mind the mis spells either, because I know what you meant, but I'm pointing out that just like that isn't a big deal neither should bold print be a big deal. It's no different than using a different font.

Netiquette is etiquette for the net...

By the way, your bold posts don't bother me....I'm kinda w/ you on this...
It's actually easier on the eyes...

The large blocks of texts AKA 600 word paragraphs....Thats another issue...

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