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Default Re: RB's - who'll fall within reach?

Originally Posted by GlassHalfFull View Post
Based on this post in another thread, I am going to make some assumptions. I normally do not like to make assumptions (you know what they say), but in this case I think some may be warrented.

Assumption 1) Maybe he had a tour of duty in Iraq or some equally unpleasant place.

Assumption 2) the tour was with a British unit, so NFL news was not common

Assumption 3) Given the time diff, several alcoholic beverages have been consumed.

So if you add up all the assumptions, you come up with a Brit Special Services guy just back from a hazardous tour of duty, who is doing a little celebrating. So given all of this, I choose to be nice and give him a link to the draft.

2008 NFL Draft
Correct on all counts! And thanks for the link, mate.

Actually not home yet, posted from a skanky hotel en route!

Oh, and for those who chose to be sarky or score chuckle-points - **** off and Bollocks, you stay-at-home-mincers.


Returning-Warrior's-indignation aside, I do now feel like a bit of a's draft in April, pre-season in August, yes?

Oh dear, oh dear. This would be funny if it weren't so sad. In my (admittedly feeble) defence, none of the Taliban I've slotted on this tour were carrying Sports Illustrated.

It's actually a little scary - with one 20 min phonecall a week and 2 patrols a day, much of life elsewhere just sort of....fades.

Time to google this new RB of ours.....who'd best not suck.

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